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Small Business Loans for Convicted Felons? provides the connections to the resources you need as you re-enter society and begin again. What better way to secure employment than to start up your own business? Find out how to work through the steps needed to pin down funding for your own commercial venture.

Assistance For Ex-Felons provides hope for those who are struggling to become re-established after serving time in prison. Finding an employer that is willing to hire an ex-felon is often next to impossible, but now, thanks to special federal and state government programs, employers have an incentive for hiring such job-seekers.

School Grants for Women Over 50 is a “must read” if you are thinking of going back to school now that the nest is empty or if you simply want to pick up some new training. Financing is available specifically for women who wish to go/return to school in mid-life. Take a look at the qualifications here. 

Grants for Dental Care make having good oral hygiene a reality for you, even if you can’t typically afford professional dental services.  Both individual help and aid for entire families is available through various organizations.  Some groups even sponsor cosmetic dentistry!

Grants for Senior Citizens are a great way to get financing to go back to school in lieu of sitting around in retirement! Some grant programs offer income-based assistance while others are based on community service hours.  One program in particular allows you to transfer your service time to a child or grandchild’s use for school funding.

Grants To Pay Off Student Loans details a program developed by Congress in 2007 that may allow you to have your college debt forgiven in exchange for working in certain public service jobs.  Take a look now to see if you qualify.

Free Government Grants for Home Repairs can be just the opportunity you need get help paying for home maintenance.  The government is especially interested in repairs involving weatherization for the sake of energy conservation, so your home heating/cooling costs can be more manageable. Disabled veterans especially may find some welcome assistance here.

How to Find the Top Grants for Truck Driving School is the place to start if you want a career where drivers are always in demand. Sometimes driving schools may reimburse their students who agree to a specified amount of work after graduation. Check our list of applicant qualifications here.

After School Tutoring Grants are available for communities that provide supervision and general academic assistance for children after school hours.  The funds can apply to staffing, equipment and nutritional programs as well as extra-curricular programs in the fine arts and agricultural areas. Need a literacy program in your community?  Check out these opportunities for funding.

Where to Find Scholarships and Grants for Adopted Children is your on line source of connections to college funding for students who have been adopted.  Individual college in-house assistance as well as state and federal government programs are available to offset the ever-rising cost of higher education.  As an adopted student, you may be able to access this additional source of school funding.

Are Government Grants for Schools the Answer to Budget Problems? Funding through state and federal agencies for special programs can provide the financing that is needed to keep many enriching programs alive after budget cuts. Is your project one that will teach students to conserve energy, eat responsibly, handle UV rays in a safe manner while at play, or a host of other stimulating themes? You just may be eligible for outside funding!

Back to School Grants are available for adults who wish to return to college to complete their educational training.  The process begins with the basic grant applications and then extends to supplemental grants and specialized opportunities, depending on the field of study.  Further funding is even available for those who agree to work  in low-income areas for a set time period after graduation.

Can a Felon Get a Passport? Follow these Simple Steps. While having a prison record for certain offences may limit your international travel options, there are definitely some opportunities for going abroad in many cases.  Find out if your situation warrants passport acceptance and how to begin the process of obtaining this important document.

Check out Small Farm Grants. At least ten states have grant programs that would provide land and livestock for small farm start-up programs, and national farm aid is available as well. In addition, there are special loan programs that finance other related farming needs such as irrigation and environmental protection.

Established Solar Panel Grants for Schools are now available. Solar panels are easy to install and they provide a renewable, green energy source for powering schools as well as for teaching the next generation to make wise environmental choices. Check our list of providers that encourage solar use in education.

Farming Grants For Women  are available through the United States Department of Agriculture as well as through private funding organizations.  Women who wish to operate their own farm (including those who lack prior experience) can attend business management classes and receive scholarships for participation in various conferences that teach the farming trade. Both grants and loans are available for operational and refinancing needs.

Government Grants for Unemployed Individuals Today can help put a stop to the vicious cycle of not being able to train for a job due to unemployment. Going back to school requires money – lots of it.  Grants for those who are currently unemployed provide a way for those who need work to obtain additional training and launch out into a new career field.

Grants for Autistic Children help relieve many of the complications that families with autistic children encounter.  While the funds are often directed to the service providers directly, families can benefit from the respite provided by summer camps and special training that the child receives to improve quality of life. Funds for travel to medical and therapeutic appointments are part of the help available as well.

Grants for Career Change are Available to People in All Walks of Life Regardless of whether the change comes as a loss of employment or because of a desire to work in a different field, money is available for returning to school for new job training. Funding options range from basic starting grants to scholarships for those who already possess a bachelor’s degree.

Grants For Early Childhood Education help to level the playing field as communities with children from all economic backgrounds find ways to finance programs for pre-kindergarten programs. Communities that have been hit hard by budget cuts can find help for promoting literacy, technological education and socialization skills for their students.

Grants For Elementary Schools are more necessary than ever with budget cuts taking their toll on early educational programs around the country – especially in rural areas. Funding from the US Department of Education is only the beginning:  there are numerous private organizations offering funds to help shoulder the cost of competitive elementary education in your community.

Grants For Older Students  can be found in two different categories:  grant for the general public (which everyone can take advantage of) and grants specifically designed for senior-aged individuals.  When combined, these two avenues provide a plethora of opportunities for seniors to get that college degree that they have always desired!

Grants for Personal Debt – Getting Control of Your Finances Many people are finding themselves in excessive debt these days, and recovery can seem nearly impossible. While the government does not provide assistance with paying off personal debt, it does provide other opportunities to pay monthly expenses, which can allow you to put the money saved towards reducing your debt payments. Search here to find out which kinds of expenses qualify.

Grants For Women  can provide assistance that ranges from financing educational opportunities to helping with the start-up of a new business.  Various types of opportunities abound for women in need.  Start your search for assistance here.

Grants for Women Over 40 Going Back to School are easier to get than you might think!  Families can take a hard hit financially when one wage earner leaves a full-time position and returns to college, but grants for women make it possible to gain that needed career training without draining the family budget.  Assistance is provided both through federal and private funding.

Guide to Finding Scholarships for People Over 65 It’s never too late to learn, and people over 65 are finding it easier than ever to get a college education thanks to special programs for funding.  The assistance ranges from federal grants to tuition-free scholarships for seniors.  Retirement need not be an inactive, sedentary time.  Explore new career financing options here.

Hearing Aid Grants for People Who Cannot Afford Them are changing the quality of life for people of all ages who suffer from hearing loss.  Perhaps a lack of finances has kept you or a loved one isolated from the hearing world, and not being able to hear can be a serious threat to your safety.  Let us show you how to find funding for restoring the hearing that you need to help with communication each day.

Help Is Available in the Form of Grants for Ex-Felons and that is welcome news to those who are struggling to re-enter society.  Often those who return to the work force after a prison sentence find that life has passed them by, and they find they cannot compete in the job market.  Now help can be found to boost your credentials and allow you to land a higher-paying job.

How To Apply For College Grants That Pay For Tuition is your resource for learning how to secure the financial aid you need to pursue your educational goals.  This guide will take you through the steps for registering with the proper sources, and it will identify the barriers that can make a prospective student ineligible for aid.

How To Get a Pell Grantwill share with you the in’s and out’s of securing a Pell Grant for funding your college education.  Links are given for helping you begin the process of determining your eligibility, working through the application process, and investigating the costs of various colleges that may interest you.

How to Locate Free Pell Grants for Felons is an article that you won’t want to overlook if your find yourself starting over in life and heading back to school.  Re-entering the job market is difficult enough under normal circumstances, but doing so with a criminal record makes the task seem nearly impossible.  Let us help you get started on the right path as you seek help for funding an education.

Is Financial Aid for Yoga Teacher Training a Possibility? Yes, there definitely is!  Becoming a Yoga instructor can involve some hefty expenses, but federal student aid programs can be your source of help.  We’ll show you how to get started tracking down the assistance you need.

Loans and Grants for The Disabled can make all the difference in the world to a potential student who faces the added challenge of managing a physical disability. Help is available through both public and private sectors to make your transition into college a smooth one.

MBA Scholarships for Women are in abundance, and we can help you find the one that is right for you! The Master’s in Business Administration degree for women opens the door to many advanced career opportunities.  Get the financing you need to nail down a great MBA career.

Mortgage Assistance Grants can mean the difference between being displaced and being able to maintain a home of your own.  Hard times are no respecter of persons, and regardless of the cause of your difficulty making your loan payments, we can point you to counsellors and sources of funding that can help.

Nursing Grants are now available for a career in which there will always be a great need of qualified workers. If you wish to pursue a nursing degree, we can help you find the funding that will make your dream a reality.   Funds are available through both governmental and private sources.

Pell Grants for Veterans can sometimes be difficult to track down.  But in spite of the lack of resources that are specifically designated for veterans, you can still take advantage of the basic federal grant funding that provides assistance for all who have a financial need.  We’ll show you how to get started!

Ready to Own? First Time Home Buyers Grants Can Help! A lack of buying history need not stand in your way.  There are programs designed to help first-time buyers establish the credit they need to secure and maintain a home loan.  We have a number of links to pursue as you look to make your dream of home ownership a reality.

Where to Find Government Grants for Seniors Making ends meet after retirement is an ever-increasing challenge. Seniors can find help here with everyday expenses that will lighten the financial load and allow them to maintain their independence that they have worked hard for during their entire lives.

Where to Find Grants for Christian Schools Maintaining a private school of any type presents a funding challenge.  Christian schools face an added challenge since they often do not qualify for government assistance.  Fortunately, there are several private solutions to educational funding in a variety of subject areas.

Where to Find Grants for Home Renovations  Looking to spruce up the home place?  Let us help you track down financial aid that will not only give your home a face lift, but also allow you to upgrade to more efficient weatherizing options.  Your home will increase in value, and you will save money on utilities each month as well.

Where to Locate Truck Driving Jobs for Felons  Making ends meet after re-entering society can be a real challenge for felons. Often businesses are hesitant to offer employment to those with a criminal record. Driving a truck can be a source of income that allows you to become re-established in life.  We’ll show you how to track down such an opportunity.

Why Minority Grants? Sometimes having minority status means that you are caught up in a vicious cycle of being unable get established financially due to a lack of foundation or support early in life.  Grants are available to help you break free of that cycle and get your life going in a positive direction, beginning with nailing down a good education and job training.

Scholarships and Grants for Women in Science may take many by surprise, as a stereotypical view of the sciences often sees men in the leading roles. However, women are encouraged to pursue studies and careers in the sciences, and we’ll show you how to secure financing in several areas of science so that you can prepare for a rewarding career.

The Latest in Scholarships for Adults Over 40 can be found right here.  More and more older adults are heading back to school to pursue additional training or even change careers. Now there is financial aid out there to make this mid-life dream a reality, including free tuition in some cases!

Your Guide to Grants and Scholarships as a Female Psychology Student There is an increasing number of women pursuing education and careers in the field of psychology as high up as on the doctorate level.  You can be among this ever-growing majority, and we’ll show you how to find the financing you need to make it happen.

Grants and Scholarships for the Female Engineering Student are becoming more readily available as corporations are attempting to close the gap that exists between male and female engineering students.  More women are being encouraged to enter the engineering field through the ample availability of grants and scholarships for this field of study.


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