Grants For Dental Care

grants for dental careKeeping your teeth healthy can be a challenge for many people because of the high financial cost involved even in routine dental care. Most jobs don’t usually include dental insurance benefits. One way to fund dental work is to find free grants for dental care.

Most dental grants are provided directly to community organizations that implement dental care for the underserved:

  • Samuel Harris Fund

The Samuel Harris Fund provides grants to organizations that instruct mothers and other caregivers about proper oral health. Each grant is worth up to $5000. In 2012 the Samuel Harris Fund gave away a total of $94,379 spread out among 20 grants.

Many organizations sponsor events to help families receive dental services in lieu of dental grants for women and children:

  • American Dental Association

The American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors the Give Kids A Smile program to provide dental care to children whose families cannot afford it. It recruits dentists to volunteer and conduct screenings and treatments across the United States. Almost 450,000 children are served during the 1500 events annually.

  • Access to Care Grants

Healthy Smiles/Healthy Children sponsors Access to Care grants worth up to $20,000 annually to programs that provide dental care to underprivileged children. They are a leading advocate of dental care in the United States.

There are free grants for dental care that deal with the patient directly.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program

In addition to general dentistry, many people have cosmetic issues that can only be fixed by a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is very expensive and not accessible for many people. The CDG grant program funds cosmetic dentistry procedures including implants, invisalign, and veneers. Applicants fill out a simple online form. They will be contacted for a free health assessment. After the assessment the dentist will decide whether applicants are good candidates for the program. Treatments are funded up to $20,000.

Individual states have their own free grants for dental care.


The California Dental Association has given almost $6 million to mobile dental programs and community clinics. They have four grant programs:

  • CDA Foundation Grant

The Friends of the CDA Foundation has founded over $500,000 in grants to serve uninsured patients. Each grant is worth up to $25,000.

  • Student Loan Repayment Grant

A dental education is very expensive. The Student Loan Repayment Grant helps students of dental school programs to pay back their loans. Each grant is worth $35,000 a year with a set maximum of $105,000. Recipients must agree to work with the underserved in return for the grant. The program started in 2002 and has helped 13 students to become dentists. Those dentist have provided approximately $13 million in dental care.

  • Dental Materials and Supplies Grant

The Dental Materials and Supplies Grant is a CDA Foundation grant that partners with Henry Schein Cares to provide dental care and supplies to nonprofit organizations. Over 3.5 million in supplies and $45 million in services has been provided so far.

  • Crowns for Kids Grant

This grant helps fund dental care for children.


Grants from the Ohio Department of Health assist in funding dental sealant programs in the schools. Dental sealants are plastic coating that can prevent tooth decay when place on molar teeth.  There are 18 funded grants currently being utilized.


Washington Women in Need Program

Dental grants for women are available through the Physical, Dental, Vision, and Hearing Grant. There are many services included in the grant but restorative dental procedures are one of the most popular included services. Cosmetic dentistry services are not included in the program for low income dental services.

In addition to free dental grants for dental care there are other programs that help with dental care individuals to get access to dental care. Check with your local United Way office and United Family Services to find out whether you qualify for any of their dental outreach programs. Many counties offer free dental care to those in need through church and civic programs. The Department of Social Services office in your county should be able to give you the information about who you need to contact in order to apply.


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